My Experience with Decinar

“Having recently started the Chief Executive Program (CEP), through Securitor, one of the first elements was the Decinar program, run by Ian McLean. This involved a ten-part series, over a ten week period, which was aimed at Inspiring Leadership for Aspiring People. Our group consisted of 12 aspirational participants within Australia.

Ian’s leadership style kept the group engaged throughout this period such, that we have each committed to continue our learnings together through the CEP, which is testament to the value of Decinar. Ian created a safe environment, in which participants freely gave themselves and their knowledge to extract the maximum value of Decinar and the time we had committed.

Decinar allowed me to self-reflect, devote time to myself, and understand who I am as a leader, but more importantly as a person. The program is not just aimed at business and success but the personal relationships we have with colleagues, staff, friends and even family. It helped me understand and value diversity a little better and recognise that we are different and that’s OK, and how to extract the maximum potential not only from myself but from others.

Ian assisted me in realising that I have the ability to affect others in a positive and meaningful way through enhanced leadership skills.

I would thoroughly recommend the Decinar program to anyone who is interested in Inspiring Leadership, as well as those that want to find out more about themselves and how they can affect real change in their lives.

Thank you Ian.”

Jason Dix

Director, Carrington Financial Services SA

Let’s Make Things Happen

Dr. Ian McLean, Ph.D. Principal & Managing Director Decinar

Dr. Ian McLean
Principal & Managing Director