My Experience with Decinar

“The Chief Executives Program (CEP), run by Securitor over the past two years, has had many outstanding components. Without question, the Wharton/New York Study program was phenomenal, certainly the best education experience of my life.

But the program wasn’t all about that trip. The many things we have learned in the Australian part of the program have been very valuable, both for my leadership journey and for our business. In particular I would like to commend the Decinar program. A key plank of the first part of the CEP, I was truly surprised at the depth and accessibility of the 10-part Decinar program conducted by Ian McLean, and how well it resonated with me.

Looking at first internally to self-leadership, and then switching externally to people leadership, I couldn’t wait to introduce the program as a key leadership training plank in our business. We have had ten of our leaders participate in the program, running it over the past six months. The response has been truly excellent, so much so that we are now assembling the next group to go through it.”

Paul Kearney

CPA, CFP, Chief Executive Officer of Kearney Group Financial Solutions, Abbotsford, VIC. Kearney Group was the 2014 winner of National Practice of the Year for Securitor, and 2015 winner of Practice of the Year for the Association of Financial Advisors.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Dr. Ian McLean
Principal & Managing Director