My Experience with Decinar

“I have attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA, on several occasions, as well as executive management at HEC Paris, France. I experienced these programs at two of the most prominent business schools in the world over a number of years. They came at significant time and expense, both to me personally and to our business.

Taking time out from my day to day business to think carefully about my stewardship of our firm, and to improve my capabilities and effectiveness as its leader, was my motivation. I truly believe this process was a strong basis for some of our progress as a business, and of my leadership.

Until I was introduced to Decinar I had never experienced anything of similar quality or value in Australia. Decinar made me personally feel like I was back on the other side of the world, locked into a world class institution, that was delivering a world class experience.

The most exciting part for me was that Ian has a system and a process that opens itself to others in my business. I know that if I can provide a solution to have our people think critically about themselves and others; accept and embrace difference; and ultimately learn how to assess one’s ‘current self’, move into one’s ‘real self’ and strive to create one’s ‘highest self’, then I will have helped them well beyond my role as their employer. I will have helped them for life as well.

To think that we can structure a program of change, delivered by a different voice, that fits into their schedule and is delivered to our people in Perth, WA, Melbourne, VIC and Burnie, TAS all at once, is outstanding.

I know this will have a profound effect on our people and business. In fact, just three modules into the program, I am being told exactly this by our 16 participants.

I cannot recommend Decinar highly enough. Ian, well done to you and your team.”

Todd Clifford

CEO of Zest Wealth Advisors

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Dr. Ian McLean, Ph.D. Principal & Managing Director Decinar

Dr. Ian McLean
Principal & Managing Director