Serving The Client’s Best Interest First

Decinar Professional Adviser

Use a working guide of professionalism in action to enhance your financial planning practice.

Here’s The Challenge

Professional is a word that is affected by context. In a general context, it can mean someone who has long years of experience in a complex job and can solve any problems that might happen.

Professional financial advisers work in a specific context of professional qualifications and expert practise, ethical rules and legal obligations erected to enshrine the profession.

The primary value of their professional work is to help the client solve problems and secure their welfare and best interest. The essential commercial viability of a professional practice comes second to serving the client’s best interest.

The first half of the Professional Adviser program gives practice leaders and advisers a practical guide to professionalism as a way of life, in the context of a fully functioning profession.

The second half speaks to the vitally important human interaction between a client and their financial adviser. It relates to professional as a way of being.

Practice owners and advisers have here a practical working guide to assist their progress in the evolving profession of financial planning.

Dr. Ian McLean, Ph.D. Principal & Managing Director Decinar
Dr. Ian McLean

Principal & Managing Director

Creator, developer & entrepreneur of Decinar.
Take your professional practice to a whole new level.
Dr. Ian McLean moderating the Decinar Professional Adviser program via GoToMeeting Virtual Classroom

Program Content & Duration

One 2.5 hour workshop online in GoToMeeting Virtual Classroom.

ASIC Knowledge Requirements

Financial Planning (1.25 hrs)
Skill Requirements (1.25 hrs)


Professionalism and Ethics (2.5 hrs)

Who Is It For?

Everyone who is subject to the FASEA requirements for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standard in financial planning.

Practice owners may consider including additional colleagues who directly influence the professionalism of the practice culture. They may manage business systems and procedures that provide a direct interface with clients. Their client facing people skills and values are an integral part of the overall client experience with the professionalism of the practice.

Decinar Professional Adviser program for everyone who is subject to the FASEA requirements for the CPD standard in financial planning.

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Decinar GoToMeeting Virtual Classroom

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Dr. Ian McLean, Ph.D. Principal & Managing Director Decinar

Dr. Ian McLean
Principal & Managing Director