From Team Member To Team Leader

Decinar Rising Leader

Develop these important people with tools of leadership they can use right away.

Here’s The Challenge

Let’s meet Cathy.

Three years ago, Cathy became the fifth member of the administration team in a thriving small business. She’s earned respect for her engagement and skills. Last week her team leader moved on, and the Directors promoted Cathy to take over.

However, Cathy has only ever worked in one other small firm. She’s observed just four small business leaders in her entire lifetime. Her views on leadership are based on those four people.

Cathy’s strong performance in the team is one thing. Leading the team is another. Her peers from last week report to her this week.

The Directors need Cathy to embark upon a steep learning curve as team leader. The practice can’t wait years for her to discover, invent and learn leadership by experience.

She needs support with new knowledge, attitudes and skills for leadership … right away.

Dr. Ian McLean, Ph.D. Principal & Managing Director Decinar
Dr. Ian McLean

Principal & Managing Director

Creator, developer & entrepreneur of Decinar.
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Dr. Ian McLean moderating Decinar Rising Leader program in an online Virtual Classroom

Program Content & Duration

The Rising Leader Program comprises three workshops, all with immediate impact.

Three 2-2.5 hour group workshops come to you in our GoToMeeting Virtual Classroom, typically spread over a period of 6 weeks.

Hard Copy Notes

Allow a total of 2-3 hours’ reading to prepare for the workshops. Then allow a total of 2-3 hours post-workshop for reviewing and work assignments.

Who Is It For?

People who are team and mid-level leaders, or soon to be.

Others who may not have a formal leadership role, yet strongly influence the organisation’s performance.

Professional specialists who are potential partners.

NOTE: All Rising Leader graduates can merge seamlessly into the full Decinar Leadership Program at a future time, if desired.

Decinar's Rising Leader Program - from team member to team leader

We meet in our GoToMeeting Virtual Classroom.

Decinar GoToMeeting Virtual Classroom

We use Decinar’s 360 Degree Feedback questionnaires.

Decinar's 360 Degree Feedback Tool

We teach the Golden Personality Type Profiler.

Golden Personality Type Profiler

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Let’s Make Things Happen

Dr. Ian McLean, Ph.D. Principal & Managing Director Decinar

Dr. Ian McLean
Principal & Managing Director